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Top class coaches with over 50 years of experience in the fitness industry

Meet the coaches at The Fitness Locker

Director / Owner, Founder of The Fitness Locker, Head Coach - Advanced Level 3 Personal trainer and Bio Signature Practitioner  

Lee Idzi

Lee, Managing Director and Personal Trainer at The Fitness Locker in Merthyr Tydfil, works with a range of clients to achieve goals such as fat loss, lean muscle gain and prep for events such as triathlons and iron man competitions. He also works with clients with a range of disabilities including Downs Syndrome, Friedreich's ataxia, cerebral palsy and more. He has 11 years experience in the fitness industry working with a wide range of clients. Lee is not fazed by working with anyone - his experience and adaptation skills allow him to work with anyone and everyone. 

Away from the gym Lee is a semi professional football player, playing over 400 games in the Welsh Premier League along with Champions League and Europa League appearances. Lee also has represented his country at international level playing for Wales.

Senior Coach - Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer


Bethan has 13years experience working within the leisure industry working with a range of clients specialising in fat loss, lean muscle gain and S&C.  Qualifications Bsc honours degree in sport and exercise science, Level 2 strength and conditioning, Level 2 gym instructing

Level 3 personal training

And currently working towards personal training doctor referral.

Level 2 strength and conditioning

Level 2 sports massage

I have always had a passion for health and fitness and take enjoyment out of helping others and seeing them achieve their goals.

Gym Manager / Head Coach - Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer


I have been personal training for numerous years now. The transition from commercial gyms to the Small Group Personal Training set up at The Fitness Locker, was life changing!
Operating in a personal space, exclusive to our clients brings a exceptional starboard of coaching!

The training modalities used are one of a kind, with unique equipment such as “Ankorr”. 
You can expect a realistic and professional approach to nutrition and training that will bring results.

Specialising within youth personal training for performance. I also specialise working older generation clients to allow them to rediscover theirselves alongside their busy work and family life! 

I also work with many sports personnel. Triathletes, footballers, rugby players, boxers, MMA, motocross/ eduro athletes. 

For me personal training is personal for a reason. It is so much more than training. forming trustful bonds, changing your life for the better and forming new habits for the better. This isn’t a one size fits all, let me tailor your results to you.

Senior Coach - Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer


I have experience working with a range of clients in both a small group PT and 1-2-1 PT environment.

Specialise in “Powerbuilding” style training combining powerlifting, weightlifting and hypertrophy training, to develop strength, power, technique and gain muscle simultaneously.

Passionate about developing peoples strength and fitness to make them more robust individuals.

Level 3 personal training

Level 5 leadership and management

3 years in the army reserves