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Dave Sweet

When I first walked through the door at The Fitness Locker it wasn’t by choice. Two friends who were worried about my weight, which had increased significantly in the previous year, staged an intervention. They found Lee and The Fitness Locker and after making some initial enquiries, an initial consultation was set. My lovely friends, unknown to me, also paid for 10 personal training sessions with Lee.

The thing I remember most about my initial consultation with Lee was there was no judgement. It didn’t matter that my diet was awful or that I hadn’t been to the gym in years, He just took it all in. It was all part of the process of breaking down my diet and lifestyle and putting it all back together to build an active lifestyle and healthy diet for the long term. We did some basic exercises to establish my base fitness level (which was nearly zero!) and chatted about my goals (which were more like dreams at that stage!), in the short, medium and long term. I left feeling positive and a diet plan followed a day or two later, and an appointment was set for my first PT session. Since that initial consultation I’ve had many personal training sessions with Lee and also joined the group PT classes with Joe & Amy.

I’m 5 months into my journey with Lee and The Fitness Locker and I’m over three stone lighter than the first day I walked into the gym. I eat better and I’m more active. I’ve got a long way to go to reach my ultimate goals but the team culture at The Fitness Locker gives me the confidence to know that we’ll reach them together.

If you’re considering joining The Fitness Locker, no matter your weight or fitness level, take advantage of the free first session and give Lee and the team the chance to explain how they’ll change your life like they’re changing mine.

The Fitness Locker - Client Testimonials

Sara Jones

My journey with the Fitness Locker and Lee started in January this year. I’d been off work for a few months with stress and anxiety and some other health issues, I hadn’t exercised for a few months and wasn’t feeling myself.

I had toyed with the idea of having 1 to 1 PT sessions for a while but for one reason or another had never got round to it. I then decided enough was enough and arranged a meeting with Lee. I had met him a few months earlier and realised that he would be the perfect fit for me.

In our first meeting my body composition was checked, we discussed my diet and what type of exercises I enjoyed, and what my goals were. I wanted to increase my strength and fitness and improve my general health.

I was made to feel welcome and at ease the minute I stepped through the door and I haven’t looked back since. I have had 2 PT sessions a week and attended bootcamps. Lee has tailored my training to my goals and constantly pushes me to achieve them.

I have fallen in love with training for the first time in my life; my physical and mental health have improved immensely. I can’t thank Lee enough and would recommend him and the Fitness Locker to anyone wanting to improve their physical and mental health and fitness. I’m now having group PT sessions and look forward to where this journey takes me. 

Jon Browne

January 1st 2019 weight 86kg - June 28th 2019 weight 74kg. Loss of 12kg or 26.4lbs

As a 50 year old man with 3 kids, two dogs, working long hours, drinking excessive alcohol and eating at a pace and scale to match, the gym or exercising were so far back in my mind. “Where the hell did I have time for the gym!” “Exercise is for those with too much time on their hands!” commonly came to mind.

Besides, I had so many pre-conceived ideas of what a “gym” was. Treadmills, people doing repeated movements on machines I didn’t understand, it just all seemed so monotonous and meaningless! Am I going to be wasting my precious time? I am too old for this! I don’t expect too much – these were all the thoughts and questions in my mind.

Little did I realise that I was about to begin life-changing and probably life-saving habits under Lee’s coaching and guidance.

I initially invested in ten PT sessions, once a week for ten weeks. The first thing to note is the training environment is not intimidating at all. There are not 25 people who have just entered Mr Universe and making you look or feel small. This is deliberate and part of Lee’s coaching ethos about making the training environment personal and meaningful for you. This translates in Lee’s approach which is impartial, gentle, encouraging, and tailored to your own individual capability. The sessions are not just about physical training – the psychological element is hugely influential. The music, quotations on the walls, just talking with Lee, advising on nutrition, physical assessments on body mass. All of these factors make you feel motivated and allow you to take self-responsibility for your PT session.

This just doesn’t feel like a “gym”, it’s a lot more than that. Every week is different and not monotonous, the exercise routines are varied and tailored to your own capability (and boy will your capability improve!).

Lee will coach you to ensure that at each session you push a little bit harder, do one more movement, a little bit more of this and a little of that – you will NEVER do this with the same effectiveness under your own esteem. This is one of the biggest benefits of PT under Lee.


"If you don’t enjoy it the chances are you’ll give up on it. Results come from hard work thats for sure but that doesn’t mean you can’t train with a smile on your face"

Lee Idzi

Personal Trainer and Owner

Ellen Ceri Jones

I started the 12 week body transformation at the beginning of October after trying lots of different things over the years to try and shift the extra weight. I loved the program and have seen a huge difference in my body and fitness! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to kickstart their training.

It was varied so it didn’t get boring but consistent enough for me to be able to see my progress. The nutritional guidance is an added bonus to make sure all the hard work isn’t going to waste. Monthly body composition analysis was the key to keeping my progress on track and for the trainers to alter my program accordingly.

The atmosphere in the gym is great, it’s not too big and everyone is really friendly. The trainers are brilliant and know when to push you which was perfect for me.

I’ve already signed up to continue with the program and look forward to seeing even better results in the next few months.

Rachel Edwards

Last year was such a hard and stressful year but very rewarding due to myself winning many titles in the under 16s category in karate. Last October I turned 16 where I then went into the senior ladies category. I knew these women were more advanced and would take something special to beat.

At the start of the year, I realised I needed to improve on my strength and fitness and my karate coach advised a personal trainer. From the time I left karate training in Porthcawl to the time I got home to Merthyr, I found Lee on the Internet and already arranged a session with him.

From the first session I’ve been hooked. I was then introduced to Joe and the Fitness Locker. In a matter of 4 months, from doing a training session twice a week with Joe my strength and fitness have transformed massively. In May this year I had a bronze in the British championships. Then last weekend I came away from the Welsh championships with 2 golds - senior ladies kata and senior team kata.

For anyone looking for a friendly gym to get fitter or even to train for a specific sport like myself come along to the Fitness Locker.

Trish Fealey

Well so far my journey to getting fit is going really well. I have lost 13.5lbs and 9 inches. I feel pretty good in two months. I have along way to go but getting there. The trainers have been amazing and helped me all the way. I am enjoying every session; it’s good for physical and mental health. I am 55 next week if i can train anyone can. Thank you all the trainers and club members especially Clare Walters for inspiring me.

Owain Hopkins

With winter blues setting in, desperate to lose weight and get fit, I saw the 30 Day Plan advertised at the Fitness Locker. I signed up online and the next day I was booked on to a private consultation with Lee to get a full body composition along with a training and meal plan to achieve my goals.

After just a few days of their gym sessions I was feeling fitter, healthier and began losing inches. After 30 days I had lost 1 stone in weight and felt great. The Fitness Locker trainers were always on hand to push me on each FL55 session and give advice on meal preparation to make the right choices. They even adjusted the sessions when I tore my ligaments, which not only helped me lose a further half a stone, but also helped me recover from my injuries.

I've still got a long way to go but with the Fitness Locker I've got everything I need to keep me on track. I highly recommend the Fitness Locker and can't thank the staff enough in getting me to where I am right now.

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