Who are we?

Get to know us better. Our mission, our values, our clients.




At The Fitness Locker we pride ourselves on our proven client results.

At the fitness locker we specialise in small in group personal training. We help our clients feel, move, look and live a better quality of like. 

Our mission is to create fitness experience like no other for everyone. Driven by excellence and passion to empower and provide a 3rd space where our clients can physically and mentally.

Our 4 values pillars are live, learn, lead and connect. LIVE with purpose and a desire to unlock your true potential. LEARN Gain and acquire knowledge / skills that can help us improve and build a better self. LEAD take action, encourage and empower others to follow suit. CONNECT like minded individuals, build an army of positive, resilient and robust people who together can go further.

At the fitness locker you're not a number your part of community, our inner circle and part of a support system that there to elevate you and bring positive and good energy to your life.