How to… Run with Good Form – Simple Running Technique Analysis

In this video analysis session I will take you through four key areas involving the lower body (legs and feet) that I see holding back plenty of runners from achieving their full potential.  These are not the only areas of technique/form that need to be considered but are a very good place to start.

The effect of small changes to improve technique in these areas can have a massive impact on your running efficiency, therefore allowing you to continue to develop.  Whether your goal is to run faster, run further, or run pain free – the technique points discussed in the video will help you to achieve these goals.

Running is a forward linear (straight line) movement, therefore any energy/time you waste on movements that don’t contribute to this will be holding you back as a runner.  The points discussed in this video are something that I would suggest looking at for yourself to see if you are holding your progress back as a runner.  If you would like help with analysing your technique then please get in touch and we can book you in for either a block of One-to-One Coached Running Sessions, or for a full Running Screening Assessment with Video Analysis.

Best wishes