The Fitness Locker FREE Consultation

FREE Online Consultation

We run consultations in person (following social distancing), online or by phone

Fitness Locker ONLINE

FL Personal training online 

  • Our bespoke online programme was launched 2 weeks before COVID 19 forced us to close and has been a huge success since.
  • Access to our custom branded app through the app store allows you to log nutrition, access workouts, access education files, recipe books and direct message your trainer. Your trainer will also have access to your account to view your workout logs, nutrition & progress.

FL ISO 30 Challenge 

  • The FL ISO is available to anyone who is feeling the effects of isolation a daily 6pm live workout with your instructor everyday throughout your 30 days along with nutrition targets, motivation and guidance to get you back on routine, shape and focus mentally throughout this time of frustration

121 and Small Groups Sessions

  • Sessions virtually everyday with a number of slot options to choose from.

What's Included?

  • Discover your current health & fitness status with our professional equipment delivering a full medical-grade segmental body composition analysis
  • Unpack your goals with our experienced trainer who will work with you on lifestyle coaching before you hit the gym floor
  • Learn about our choice of membership and training options that will help you achieve the results you desire (just like so many of our other clients)


Personal Trainer Merthyr Tydfil

"Focus on health and fat loss is easy"

Lee Idzi

Personal Trainer and Owner